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Patient Stories

We Strive to service our patients through out their journey with us. The following are some of our patients stories.

Sample Stories

Story 1:

A 62 year old physician suffering from severe arthritis in his left knee for many years travelled from Baghdad, Iraq. His X-rays and all testing was done prior to his arrival to Dearborn, Michigan USA. 

He underwent knee replacement without any issues. Afterwards he was sent to an inpatient facility for rehabilitation.  Afterwards he was allowed to travel back to Baghdad without any issues. 

Story 2:

A 72 year old man from Sudan had a massive tear in his right shoulder. He contacted our center in Dearborn, Michigan USA. After ordering all the appropriate studies, he was diagnosed with a large rotator cuff tear of his right shoulder. 

He arrived to our clinic and underwent his arthroscopic repair.

Story 3:

A 14 year old child from Gaza with a traumatic injury to the left leg was brought to our clinic in Dearborn, Michigan. She spent 6 months in rehab after the tibia fracture was reconstructed with bone graft and hardware. She recovered completely, was pain free and returned to Gaza. 

Story 4:

A 32 year old from Ghana with an above knee amputation was brought to our Dearborn, Michigan center. We designed a custom made orthosis for him. He then participated in a 2 month physical therapy program. He recovered and returned to Ghana. 

Story 5:

A 33year old lady from Lebanon suffered from severe hip dysphasia. She was unable to walk. 

She underwent a hip replacement with ceramic implants and was in physical therapy for 3 months until she recovered completely

Story 6:

A 72 year old female had severe lumbar spinal stenosis for years. She was unable to walk few meters without pain. She travelled to our clinic in Dearborn, Michigan. She underwent a three level fusion. She did well after two months of physical rehabilitation.

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